What we do

The majority of what we do is retrofitting (older house/new insulation) attics, walls, and floors with new insulation.  Most houses built before 1975 were built with very little or even no attic insulation; the overwhelming majority were built with no wall or floor insulation.  We can fix that!


We also have a subspecialty of insulating cathedral ceilings or open beam ceilings.  In many cases these types of jobs have resulted in the very largest before/after temperature differences of any type of work we have done.  Oftentimes these have special challenges are require some pretty creative solutions:

     --  insulating from above (through the roof!)

     --  from below (through the drywall!)

     --  insulating from nothing (creating a stud bay where none existed!)


Lastly, sound deadening is another subspecialty we have perfected.  The primary material we use is extraordinarily resistant to sound -- typically the change in this area (whether sound from the outside or from within) is the very first thing folks notice.  As a result, we have also done extensive work in movie or sound studios, apartments with noisy neighbors, and offices requiring quiet and privacy.


Photo gallery: What we do!

Insulating an attic.  Most attics already have some insulation -- in 99% of situations we recommend insulating directly over the insulation that's already there.  In other words, the glass is partially full and we are just topping it off!

Insulating an attic.  Special care must be given to vents, canned lights, wiring, and other items in the attic.  Professional service is a must!

Insulating a side wall.  We check the wall to find every stud bay -- most houses have more going on than just a simple 16"-wide space between studs.  Unfilled bays will result in a gap: heat/cool (and money) will escape!

Insulating a side wall.  Every bay gets filled to capacity -- no loose-filled or underfilled areas.  See FAQs for specific questions regarding this.

Texture matching (not shown: paint matching, tex cote matching, color coat matching, raw stucco matching, wood or siding matching -- we can do it all!)  Our commitment: you shouldn't be able to tell we were ever there!

Clean up!  Everyone has an experience with a contractor who treats their home as a "jobsite."  We understand that -- it's not a jobsite, it's your home.  We make to sure to leave your house in the same (or better!) condition than we found it!!!