Frequently Asked Questions:

What areas do you cover?

All of Orange, southern Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and northern San Diego counties.  If you will agree to extra charges, we'd love to do work on Maui as well in St. Andrews, Scotland.


My house has insulation, do I need more?

Maybe!  The building codes in Southern California didn't require insulation until the mid 1970s -- although many builders did add a little insulation prior to that (or even sometimes offered it as an upgrade option!).  The levels of insulation used years ago are WOEFULLY inadequate; furthermore, fiberglass breaks down over time and loses its value.  We are happy to double-check the level of insulation in your home and let you know if you need more.


Isn't it very expensive?

Not at all!  Insulation is one of the least expensive home improvements you can do.  Furthermore, with the Department of Energy programs, the Gas Company incentives, and the Gas Company-sponsored low interest loan progams, it is more affordable than ever before!


Why don't you do a bid on this site or over the phone?

Because we want you to spend no more than you have to.  And we want to treat you and your home right.  And at some point soon we will be doing work for your friend/relative/neighbor and we value and anticipate your positive evaluation of us.  And we've had bad experiences in the past (Oops - we told you too much!  Ooops - we told you too little!  Oops - this isn't how you described!  Oops - you don't need what you thought you needed!)  We send a professional to your home, highly trained and more-than-adequately prepared to evaluate whatever is going on with your home's insulation.  And we're funny, nice, good looking (well, a few of us are...), and we won't take long at all!


How do can I check up on you?

Great question!  First, go to to check out our license.  It is #862494.  Many "contractors" do not have a license at all!  Also check us out at, the site of the League of CA Homeowners, a non-profit that has evaluated us (at a far-higher level of scrutiny than the Contractors State License Board has).  As you know, just because someone has a driver's license doesn't mean that they know how to drive.  You can also look us up at the BBB and on Angie's List!


Have you ever done work in my neighborhood?

Probably!  We have a past-customer list with thousands of names and will be happy to provide it to you -- it shows their contact info, type of work done, and the dates that we did the work.  Chances are there are many homes on which we have done work very close to you.  Referral lists with a half a dozen names, in our opinion, are useless!


Will insulation save me money?

Definitely!  Feedback from customers indicates an annual energy bill reduction in the 30% to 55% range.  Typical summer-time temperature improvements (8 to 20+ degrees) and winter-time temperature improvements (8 to 15+ degrees) mean a dramatic reduction in AC/heater usage.


Why not replace windows or ducting first?

Because effective insulation will have a far larger effect on summer heat-gain or winter heat-loss, it is better to do the insulation first!  On a typical home, 4 times (or more!) energy is transferred through the attic and walls than through all the doors and windows combined (source: US Department of Energy).  There are other reasons to replace windows, of course (fit and function, sound, appearance, etc.), but energy efficiency is not one of them!


I've heard wall insulation is a waste of money.  True?

It can be -- if not done right.  A common question is about whether or not a wall can actually be filled.  It can.  And we do.  Look at these pictures -- it's a house that was insulated 5+ years ago and the owner recently removed the wood siding to reveal the excellent job that had been done.


Interested in a quick and free evaluation?

Contact us at 1 (877) 777-4654 or send us an e-mail.